About Us

Reimagining our Favourites

Food that is good for you and tastes good!

NUFF was created out of a necessity - the junk food we eat is far too unhealthy and the health foods we eat are incredibly underwhelming, and no one was successfully bridging the gap between the two. Our doughnuts are slow proofed overnight and our cookie dough and brownie batter is mixed and left to rest for 24 hours to maximise flavour.   Part of the reason our treats taste so good is down to the fresh, high quality ingredients we use. Our treats use real vanilla, grass fed butter, cold pressed protein, raw bean to bar chocolate, extra virgin coconut oil, no refined sugar or trans fats - high in protein, healthy fats and fibre and low in calories, sugar and carbs #Junkfoodmadegood


From Then Until Now

We launched in 2016 as a humble online delivery fulfillment service,set up to test the healthy junk food market - would people want healthy junk food and would they like it delivered?  Turns out they did!  After being picked up by the media, demand had grown to the point where Google requested us to pop up at their head office and large companies like Amazon where not only buying for the office but for Ad campaigns.  Now we are growing with 8 offline locations planned for 2019 we also are looking to expand into new territories.


Our favourite way of getting our treats to you is via the good ol' bike.  We are attempting to go entirely electric in our deliveries over the next year. 

In 2019 we plan to work with a number of charities and donate part of our earnings to their fantastic causes. If you represent a charity and would like to get in touch please do so at info@ilovenuff.com

Where we can, we use recyclable materials and minimise our waste.