Corporate Catering
Whether you want to impress clients, or to make those meetings more bearable or if you have a high end event that requires something aesthically impressive just as much as it is taste and nutrition wise.
  • Tailored to you
We can take care of all things food (and non alcoholic) drink. Whether it's branded boxes to your clients or a massive event that requires staffing etc, we have you covered from A-Z.  
  • What's different?
Not only fundamentally our food, but also the presentation.  All our doughnuts are piped fresh in store and at events allowing attendees to choose their flavour and watch it get it's very own TLC before reaching thfor hands.  Our S'more brownies are flamed on site and protein gelato can be rolled on a cold plate. Let your staff or clients become immersed in the spectacle. 
  • A Cut Above
We can cover just about any situation.  If you have an enquiry you think may be a bit of out the box get in touch and our team will work with you to create a campaign that's right for you.
Branded Gifting
Most companies will place a sticker on their box and call it branding.  It may work for you it may not.  If it doesn't don't worry, we can tailor totally bespoke packinging for you.  We require at least 4 weeks lead time for totally bespoke packaging.
We can also deliver gift boxes to your clients across the city.
Weddings + Celebrations
Cakes are so 2016, impress your guests woth something that is completely different.  We can deliver them fresh on the day, include premium presentation  or if you'd like to give your guests the 5 star treatment why not have a member of our staff there ready to dish it out.