Junk Food Made Good

Ever had health food and think "f*** that was good?"  Crave it for days? No?  Neither did we - and that's how NUFF was started.  We wanted to make healthy eating feel as sexy and enjoyable and as indulgent between the lips as our most gluttonous, lip smacking junk food favourites.  Health food has never tasted as good as the rest, a poor substitute, never hit those sensory parts of our brain like junk food does... that is until NUFF.

The most frequently asked question we get asked :

You guessed it, "what makes NUFF healthy?"  

Our body requires a certain amount of calories (energy) to run like anything else - food provides the energy.  We eat less than our body requires we lose weight, we eat more than required we gain weight.  Now what we eat and how we exercise determines whether we lose body fat or muscle or whether we gain body fat or muscle.  So losing weight isn't always healthy and gaining weight isn't always healthy.  When people say they lose 9 pounds in a week they are most likely dehydrated and "put that weight on quickly" as soon as they hydrate. 

Our treats are around half the calories of our junk food and our health counterparts - protein cookies at 500 calories, c'mon?  

Our treats are high in protein, healthy fats and fibre- we could spend all day listing the benefits of these two. Our treats have no refined sugar and have less carbs and empty calories (empty calories don't fill us up like nutrient dense food and can encourage over eating) - refined sugar and trans fats not only come with next to no health benefits but are very dense in calories. It takes a calorie deficit of 3500 to lose one pound of fat whilst it tales only a 300 calorie surplus to gain a pound of fat.

Our treats are nutrient dense whilst being far lower in calories.

All our food is made fresh daily by hand and we use the highest quality ingredients (sourced locally when we can).  We use no GMO ingredients, no processed foods or artificial additives.

NUFF is much more than just a food brand, we are a culture, a culture about everything feel good, good vibes, chill times, food is just one avenue in which we  bring people together.  Watch this space.